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motion plastics for agricultural technology

Dirt-resistant components and cost-effective automation

Whether in combine harvesters, harvesters, cultivators or manure vehicles - our bearings and energy supply systems made of high-performance polymers have been successfully used for many years in various machines in the traditional agricultural industry. They work reliably, even in dirty and wet conditions, in the event of temperature fluctuations and at high loads.
Furthermore, we have enhanced our motion plastics to meet the requirements of new industry branches and technologies: in vertical or indoor farming, our dry-tech bearings and linear systems fulfil the high hygiene demands, as they are 100% free from external lubricants, corrosion-free and FDA-compliant. Our low-cost robots allow for smart farming with autonomous machines that carry out processes such as sowing, harvesting and weeding completely automatically - at low costs and a fast return on investment.

General agricultural engineering

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Components for agricultural machinery

igus blog agricultural engineering

Which is the best plain bearing for agricultural machinery? What shaft materials are used and are there better alternatives? How can you save money with polymer bearings? The igus blog features interesting articles on agricultural technology.

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